A super sweet weekend!

The weekend of July 29th and 30th, amid the vibrant Cherry Festival, the excitement soared as enthusiastic participants lined up to dunk the daring volunteers: Chuck, Fin, Mike, Braley, and Torston. The aroma of delectable Korean sliders from Oak's Korean Kitchen tantalized taste buds while the t-shirt and tumbler booth let supporters carry the memories home. Amidst the joyous laughter and radiant smiles, the community rallied together, spreading warmth and cheer to kids of all ages. A delightful occasion of fundraising, camaraderie, and pure joy!

Yes In Deed!!!

You may have heard the exciting news. The Mission Valley Ice Arena received a deed for the Ridgewater lot where the arena will be built. Watch for developments!

*Correction: The articles states that the rink will be a year-round ice facility. This isn’t exactly accurate. The rink is intended to be a year-round use facility with seasonal usage of the ice.


Thanks Greater Polson Community Foundation!

The MVIAA would also like to thank the Greater Polson Community Foundation for awarding us a trust-based grant of $3000!  This grant money can go towards current or future projects, and will likely be used to get our building plans together and permitted! This is very helpful, and will move us forward quickly.  We take great pride in our community, and love working together with organizations like GPCF to make the Mission Valley a wonderful place to live and visit.


The Mission Valley Ice Arena Association

Our mission is to provide year-round recreational and competitive activities for the benefit of the residents and visitors of all ages to the Flathead Indian Reservation and the Mission Valley in a multi-functional facility that will encourage and promote the health, social and economic interests of the community.


Volunteer to Make this Dream Happen

Any grass roots organization needs volunteers and we are no different. Volunteers are needed for helping out with events, taking part in radio and television ads, passing out information and much more! If you've got a talent that you would like donate we would love to hear from you!

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